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1-UP 2013年1月9日 19時45分
SFM graphic card error
SFM used to work just fine before, I re installed, and i get the "your card does not support the minumum stats for SFM" blah blah.
Will this go away on its own? Or must i go to this system settings stuff? help with steps please?.. thanks
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Pte George 2013年1月10日 10時13分 
What type of Graphics card and are you on a laptop?
1-UP 2013年1月10日 21時35分 
Intel R HD graphics and yes a laptop
1-UP 2013年1月10日 21時40分 
And if its not too much to ask.
If you have source filmmaker id like to know what type of laptop you own
Juacongelado 2013年5月19日 22時53分 
hi, hopefully this helps (or maybe im a couple of months late)
TonicThePossy 2013年5月20日 3時40分 
If you have a dedicated card, try updating the drivers to a potential beta. Solved my problem.
Princess Andus a silly robot🍌 2013年5月20日 6時00分 
Get a titan graphic card C:
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