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Ferexes 2013年1月6日 20時55分
Help with Spy Cloaking!
I have a problem. Or I'm missing something. I record myself as a spy, I cloak before it records me, and it doesn't register that I cloaked at all. It basically shows me just standing behind a soldier being a very obvious spy. I need help with this.
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R234 2013年1月6日 22時54分 
Hm, that's not normal. Cloaking usually records just fine... If you're willing to go fiddling in the element viewer (right click the Spy's animation set, once you've made one for him of course, and select Show in Element Viewer > Model), maybe have a look if the model has a "materials" section, with a bunch of proxy materials in it. They're what controls the cloaking. If they are there, you can check whether their "cloaking factor" values change as you cloak/uncloak.

Alternatively, there's a very useful tool that allows you to cloak almost any TF2 model at will, including hats and miscs (not weapons unfortunately), and that's Smashman's rig scripts, which can be found here:
In post #27, near the end of the page, Smashman posted a download link to them, and tells you where to put them. With that, adding cloaking controls is as easy as applying a rig script to a model.
Ferexes 2013年1月8日 17時32分 
I don't see a materials section...can I create one? Or can I just re-install SFM?
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R234 2013年1月8日 19時12分 
Creating the proxy materials manually would be complex and tedious. The rig scripts I posted the link to actually do just that automatically, as well as making a new section in the model's animation set with sliders to control cloak. If they really are missing, I'd say they're your best bet. Not sure why they wouldn't get created in the first place though...?
Ferexes 2013年1月8日 21時22分 
Okay, thanks. I'll try that.
supersparky1013 2013年6月21日 21時55分 
My problem is the spy is always cloaked, even if i don't make him cloak, any help?
Flame Warp 2014年2月16日 18時58分 
i'm having this same problem, i want the spy to uncloak near the spawn door, but unfortunately he just stays uncloaked in movie view the whole time.
R234 2014年2月16日 19時03分 
Use the cloaking script. It's on the Workshop now:
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