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Help needed importing Dota 2 models
I've run across what I am beginning to think is a unique issue, and my main problem is I don't know how to get out of it.

I've followed several guides, including those by both Cyborgmatt and Fire Flame Sniper, and originally, my issue was this. Upon following their steps and adding the models to sfm, the models were in the library, but when I tried to add an asset, nothing would show up. This seems only to be the case for heroes, as I can add creeps and couriers just fine. After one of the attempts, everything seemed to be working fine, but unfortunately I "thought it could be better" and tried once more.

Now, no matter how many times I revert all the work I have done, no matter how many guides I follow, I cannot get them to show up at all. Additionally, every guide I have read has said that when editing the files with Notepad++, there should be hundreds of files affected, but I generally only see about 70, or in the most recent case, 30. Any ideas on either moving forward to fix the problem, or how to fully revert the changes so I could go through it clean?
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not sure hwo relevant this is anymore, i heard steam was changing files and what not
There should be hundreds of files, if not thousands...I think you may have left out the checkbox when extracting to include subdirectories. Also make sure youre using GCFScape 1.8.4 and not an older version....i think i had around 900+ files on the 2nd find and replace and at least several hundred on the first find and replace. Good luck.
P.S. lets all bug them to release the dota 2 map so we don't have to pose our hero's in a TF2 map.
Sadly, I wish that were the case, but I followed those instructions to the letter. In fact, it was cyborgmatts guide that got them to not work anymore. Even with the box checked, I get a very small amount.
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