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2013年5月21日 0時07分
Tried getting L4D2 maps

I tried this but i cant get it to work out :/ i get errors and pink checkered walls.
I dont have garrys mod either
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[CAR BRAINTANK] Rex Bosworth 2013年5月22日 6時14分 
Sounds like you've got the maps, but not the materials or models they use. Have you put your L4D content into the SFM?
2013年5月22日 15時36分 
From the L4D2 game itself? No. Can I get the maps that way?
[CAR BRAINTANK] Rex Bosworth 2013年5月23日 5時08分 
No because they're made for a different version of the Source engine than the one the SFM uses. Follow this tutorial to get the content (models, materials, etc) into the SFM, then try the maps again.

Actually, now that I think about it you might just need to use this pack. I've done both and it's been a while. I've kinda forgotten which one actually make the maps work.
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