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BigRig wuz here 2013年5月19日 16時27分
I would like to do some work in SFM, but I don't have any ideas. Any suggestions for videos and posters/backgrounds would be appreciated.
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PlayerZERO 2013年5月19日 17時03分 
A flying Pyro? As in, flying from a rocket blast?
raptornx01 2013年5月19日 17時08分 
Make a full size tornado with smoke/mist/whatever particles.
Psi 2013年5月19日 17時33分 
tbh i would like to see more action / fight scene type of stuff, like a well animated sword fight.

I am doing a sword right now. it's very time consuming animating two characters movements together but i am very pleased with my progress thus far.
Golden Nutty² 2013年5月19日 22時50分 
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