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Strawberry Warrior 2013年5月19日 6時00分
View port/ Camera Issues
I'm new to SFM and would like to know how I could solve these problems
1. When I have two view ports open, If there is a work camera in one and a normal camera in the other. The work or norm camera seem to be stuck on the other camera's view. When I try to move it, It seems to glitch back and forth constantly between both camera views. If I let go of the camera in 1 port, it goes to the view of the camera selected in the second viewport but the camera is in the same location.
2. Sometimes I cannot move the camera in one of the view ports

If any of you know a solution, please post it here. That would help me alot in learning this tool and making videos in the future. Thank you
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Psi 2013年5月19日 17時38分 
not really understanding your issue in your #1. Though I don't work with 2 viewports... i use 1 viewport and just switch between work camera and actual cameras when needed.

but your #2 could be a variety of things. You have to have the actual shot selected in the timeline area with the playhead other wise it won't let you move it. Also if you have an animation set for the camera in the animation set editor, that has to be selected. Also you have to be in the motion editor or graph editor while moving it.
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Strawberry Warrior 2013年5月20日 3時14分 
Ok, thanks fo the help in #2. I finally don't need to restart the video because I thought it has bugged out.
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