raptornx01 16. touko, 2013 19.42
Transfering builds between saves/sessions
I was wondering, if you have built something in sfm, say a set, or some type of contraption, or what have, something constructed out of various random models, possibly locked together, or locked to a character, maybe even with animations, etc. and you needed to use that in some other video, or just wanted to save it for later. Is there a way to transfer that over into another session without having to rebuild it each time? think of how a light kit works, but using models.
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Pte Jack 16. touko, 2013 20.53 
This is not what you are looking for, but will most likely be as close as you can get for now...

Psi 17. touko, 2013 14.07 
Well regarding animations... and I am not entirely sure so don't quote me on it, but i do not believe it's possible unless you're using the same map for the new session. The problem is that the work you have done is saved to specific coordinates within the map so when you try to transfer it to a new map/session it gets completely messed up.

Again, i do not know for sure the answer, but when i have tried to export / import animation work from one session to another it gets messed up beyond repair.

As for transfering a set you have constructed, i don't know but that would be interesting to find out. I put together a massive Mass Effect set with props from the prop packs that i wouldn't mind transfering over to a different map.
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