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untitled.txt 2013년 5월 8일 오전 11시 51분
What are some really good tutorials for this program?
It confuses me...
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raptornx01 2013년 5월 8일 오후 2시 14분 
Jack, you were asking about getting the cel-shading effect. I took your advice and just did a tutorial on it.

(♥♥♥♥♥♥ voice incoming)

it also has a basic how to install custom models, thing, in the beginning, so you can ignore that.
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JamesFSky 2013년 5월 8일 오후 3시 21분 
Prince, DEFINITELY look up Zachariah Scott's SFM tutorials as well

P.S. Thanks, raptornx01! Zachariah Scott said he was hoping on making a cel-shading tutorial as well, so now I'm doubly pumped!

P.P.S. I warn you, Prince, Jimer Lins' voice is dangerously thereputic.
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Pte Jack 2013년 5월 8일 오후 8시 06분 
@ Chris

I think you're thinking of Maxof2SD... lol
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