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IS it possible to edit sfm workshop files?
like to reskin or things like that? I figured they could since they aren't packed into zip-like files like gmod items with its gma files. but can they?
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R234 7. Mai 2013 um 14:15 Uhr 
I'm gonna try. I have an idea that might work.


Alright, I experimented with it a little. I edited a workshop model's skin, and it worked fine. I suspect the model might eventually look for an update though, and notice the texture file is different, and redownload the original. Or maybe it won't unless the author updates it.

To be perfectly safe though, you could de-workshopize (official term (not really)) the item. Simply go to Source Filmmaker's workshop folder, and copy both models and materials folders into usermod (or another mod folder) and unsubscribe from the item in the workshop. This'll make sure the item will never change, and you can edit it to your leisure.

Personally, I do that with all workshop items, even those I won't edit. I don't want to use a model in a video, and have it update and break the whole thing. I always though workshop for SFM would be a bad idea, and I still do.
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raptornx01 7. Mai 2013 um 15:13 Uhr 
do the models still work when you move them? been asking around, but haven't been able to get an answer to whether models have to be modified to put them up in the workshop. You would think it's just a matter of dropping them in the ugc folder, but the wiki hints to having to change the model's qc to update the filepaths.

I was just wondering to be sure. I had been asking someone about doing a reskin of a workshop model but the person commented that you can't with workshop items. i figured they were just thinking of gmod ws items because of the gma thing, and that sfm ws items should be fine because it's just the files like normal, not a special pack. but wanted to make sure.
R234 7. Mai 2013 um 15:52 Uhr 
It works perfectly fine, you just have to keep the filepath intact. That means the two folders added in workshop releases' filepath, "ugc" and one that's a bunch of numbers, will still be there. Editing the QC is only necessary if you want to get rid of said folders. I personally don't mind them at all, as long as the model works.
raptornx01 7. Mai 2013 um 16:28 Uhr 
so you DO have to edit the qc if you want to add a model to the workshop?
R234 7. Mai 2013 um 18:48 Uhr 
That I don't know. It does get edited, but maybe the workshop uploader does it by itself (dunno if that's even possible...)
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