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Ferexes 2013. máj. 2. @ de. 7:21
Startup Error.
Whenever I start up SFM, now, I get the window where it asks you to make a new session. However, the actual sourcefilmmakerbeta window is not present. When I scroll my mouse over the taskbar over sfm, it shows me both windows, but the SFM window looks minimized. like all the edges of the original window have been compressed together.

When I open a previous session, I get nothing, whenever I scroll over the SFM icon in my taskbar, I get nothing.

All help will be greatly appreciated.
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Pte Jack 2013. máj. 2. @ de. 8:23 
When you have your cursor over top of the icon in the taskbar, try right clicking on the SFM window and select maximize or restore. See if that brings the window back, if it does then in the SFM window, click windows, Layouts, then try Reset Layouts, or Return to Default Layout. (in that order).
Ferexes 2013. máj. 2. @ du. 4:24 
Yup, the maximize/restore worked, thanks again, Pte Jack.
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