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CABERMAN 2013年4月30日下午6:50
everytime i launch sfm , it says there an error, it says:


The current mod is from a different directory than your executable.
This can be caused by running a tool from one product while the current mod is from a different product.
The mod can be set from the SDK.

(VGAME: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game)

what should i do?

i tried running sdk but it also doesn't work? D:

how do i fix this?
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R234 2013年4月30日下午6:54 
Usually this error can be fixed by launching the SDK and clicking "reset game configuration". Have you tried that?
CABERMAN 2013年4月30日下午7:06 
nope ill try
CABERMAN 2013年4月30日下午7:08 
eveytime i launch SDK it just resets and exits the SDK
and where can i find reset game configuration?
R234 2013年4月30日下午7:28 
So, when you right click Source Filmmaker in the Steam library and choose "Launch SDK", you don't see this appear?
CABERMAN 2013年5月1日上午4:52 
how do i fix that?
R234 2013年5月1日下午12:55 
"yeah" this is what you see, or "yeah" you don't see it? If it's the former, just click "Reset Game Configuration", that's supposed to work. If it's the latter, I'm not sure... Maybe verifying your application cache might work.
CABERMAN 2013年5月1日下午10:31 
ill tell you what happened later :D
CABERMAN 2013年5月2日上午4:54 
nothing happened D:
yeah i dont really know what to do :(
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