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Nate Hartmann 2013. okt. 26. @ de. 12:33
So there was this pretty recent update in which a new function called the DmeTextFX was added in SFM. From what I grasped, it's a function that allows you to essentially put scrollable words/credits to your video, but I don't completely understand how to use it.

If anyone understands how to use this, (And where you find it) can they contribute to this discussion? It would be great if I knew how to use this, since I'd like to do a majority of the video editing on SFM.
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The Resonte! 2013. okt. 26. @ de. 4:47 
It's an effect, below all the sounds and clips.

Everything about it is editable using the element viewer.
Mess around with it.
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Nate Hartmann 2013. okt. 30. @ de. 1:26 
Sorry for the late reply D:

Thanks for the answer, I found where it was.
One thing though, I still don't understand how to edit the actual text, or see where the text comes out. I can edit the colors and fonts, but if I can't see the text it means nothing..
The Resonte! 2013. okt. 30. @ de. 4:17 
If you're in the element viewer, there should be a text box dedicated specifically for the text.

However the text itself is tiny as hell and you'd never be able to read anything.
so learn to font.
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