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DEAD AMEN 2013年10月19日 7時11分
SFM won't open
When I try to open Source Filmmaker nothing happens.
I click the icon= Nothing Happens
I click the title on the library= Nothing happens
There is the window "launching SFM" but it doesn't open.
It happened even when I tried to play the demo of Stanley Parable.
Help me T_T
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Sarsour 2013年10月19日 9時39分 
tried to verify integrity of the cache? (right click SFM in the steam library ---->properties ---->local files tab -----> verify... )
Pte Jack 2013年10月19日 14時04分 
As Sarsour says,

Revalidate the local cache, shut down Steam and restart everything. I have also heard that restarting the router helps. Also, check your AV and firewall programs to ensure that SFM is authorized.
DEAD AMEN 2013年10月20日 5時12分 
I'm trying it now
OG Dino 2013年10月20日 8時39分 
did you try restarting your computer
DEAD AMEN 2013年10月20日 12時35分 
tukhoang の投稿を引用:
did you try restarting your computer
Did multiple times but didn't helped
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