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Koga Gar Mentos 2013年10月18日 15時24分
Model Request- Halo Phantom
I'm looking for some updated models of the halo phantom that way I can use them in SFM. I'm in the process of making a halo machinima that requires a few things. This is one of them. If you know where I can find a model please tell me. Any version at least up to halo 3's version should work. Or if you could Make it. There is a link to the image project file into scale. If you need a better scale images please let me know.
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TheGhoulieDreamer 2013年11月16日 3時47分 
Maybe this website could help:
This website is a Halo Porting Thread V.2, they got mostly Halo models on that website. Check it out.

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