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Spoken 2013年10月18日上午8:23
Can I bring in my own 3d models?
Is it possible to bring in my own 3D models and create a video with them?
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John Freeman™ 2013年10月18日上午8:46 
You mean saxxy awards, or loading custom models to sfm?
EmperorFaiz.obj 2013年10月18日上午8:58 
yes you can but you need make them compatible with source engine.
Sarsour 2013年10月19日上午3:34 
you need to get an smd importer/exporter plugin for your 3d modelling aplication, and export your model as an smd file and write out a qc script that you use to compile the smd's into the correct format using the compiler provided as a source engine tool with all the games.
a quick google search should get you a quick export method for static objects, character models are a bit more of an arduous process, that also include shape keys for facial expressions.
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正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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