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Heinrick 2013年10月17日下午5:27
Whenever I record in-game in SFM, whenever I fire, the model does no animation, Also, models are dark and flash betwee light and dark. Any way to fix this? Only started recently
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Sarsour 2013年10月19日上午4:05 
All I can suggest with given info is, try validating your cache files. (right click source filmmaker in steam library, click properties , local files tab, then verify integrity)
Heinrick 2013年10月19日上午11:03 
Nope, that didn't work. Weapons still flash, and when I fire a weapon, the world model just sits it's just idle.
R234 2013年10月19日下午3:01 
It's normal, TF2 does that too in third person. Somehow the character you're playing as will not play the fire sequence. Just import it manually over the character's animation, it's a layer sequence so it'll blend seamlessly with any movement he might be engaged in.

The dark flickering models you speak of, I assume you mean the weapons? That's also "normal", SFM always does that. You'd best delete the weapon model and import and bonemerge a new one to the character.
Heinrick 2013年10月19日下午3:30 
Ahhh, thank you. I didn't think importing a sequence to the arms. And about the weapon, exactly how do you bonemerge? I've tried for a long time..
最后由 Heinrick 编辑于; 2013年10月19日下午3:31
R234 2013年10月19日下午5:10 
Well, the simple way is to drag the character's animation set onto the weapon's animation set, and then apply the zero preset to the weapon's animation set. Sometimes though that doesn't work right. In such a case, you'll have to manually lock the weapon's bones to those of the same name on the character.
Sarsour 2013年10月20日上午6:10 
Heinrick 2013年10月20日上午9:10 
Whenever I do that, the weapon moves around, but won't follow the player(?)
最后由 Heinrick 编辑于; 2013年10月20日上午11:48
R234 2013年10月20日上午11:42 
You must've forgotten to apply the zero preset?
Heinrick 2013年10月20日上午11:49 
How do you do that, exactly?
R234 2013年10月20日上午11:49 
Select the hat, slide the zero slider all the way to the right.
Heinrick 2013年10月20日上午11:50 
Ahhh, thank you. Oh, and sorry about the error, I was talking about a gun.
最后由 Heinrick 编辑于; 2013年10月20日上午11:50
R234 2013年10月20日上午11:52 
Hats and weapons work the same anyhow ;)
Heinrick 2013年10月20日上午11:52 
Yeah, and thanks again for your help.
SparklePants 2013年10月20日下午12:20 
Hey, could you help with the zero thing? like give specific instructions, please. I did that, and my hat went all the way across the map and didn't even do anything.
raptornx01 2013年10月20日下午12:29 
you have to lock it to something first. drag the weapon bone, hand, head, whatever you plan to lock it to. THEN slide the slider.

note: sometimes you can even drag the entire model to the hat/weapon/whatever model and that'll work too.
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