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Cynfawn 2013年10月14日 8時48分
How remove muzzle from a sniper rifle?
I can't remove muzzle like I do for the other things (delete the animation set). What can I do?
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mlisty2 2013年10月14日 12時22分 
Are you referring to the particle effects when shooting or to the barrel of the rifle?
Cynfawn 2013年10月14日 13時08分 
The particle effect, because I have 2 muzzles instead of one and out of position, and I don't know how to fix it if not delete the muzzles and add one manually.
mlisty2 2013年10月14日 13時28分 
Do the particle effects show up in the animation set editor?
Cynfawn 2013年10月14日 13時31分 
Yeah, and when I click with the right mouse button on it does not show to me the option for delete it.
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