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RenFemShep 2013年10月14日 7時02分
Actor Spawning Trouble - Non-TF2 Maps
Hi all, I'm new to SFM and animation but have been doing a lot of tutorials.

I've managed to get Portal maps into SFM and some GMod stuff, however I cann't get my actors to spawn IN the map for recording gameplay. Right now the scout shows up above the map. Everything looks fine on the stage.

Is there a way to change the spawn point, nagivate the scout down to the map or record another way???

Might need to learn how to search better but so far haven't found answer to this.

Thanks in advance
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Pte Jack 2013年10月14日 7時09分 
Create a camera, move the camera to the point you want your player to spawn. Right click the view port then select Game, and then teleport player to camera. Move the play head, your character should have spawned in front of the camera when you begin recording. If you play is stuck in the map, Place him in god mode and get him unstuck.

There is a section on this in the original Source Filmmaker Tutorials located here

I believe it is in Recording 01...
RenFemShep 2013年10月14日 7時29分 
Right - I've watched and done that tutorial. But as by actor doesn't spawn IN the map but ABOVE it I cannot move around within GameMode. Here is a screenshot of the map in gamemode

*teleport player does not change location unfortuately :(
R234 2013年10月14日 14時43分 
Type noclip 1 in the console, "fly" to inside the map, then type noclip 0.
Pte Jack 2013年10月14日 19時06分 
You may be a little disappointed when you do get into the map... Not all GMod maps work in SFM, A lot don't have HDR turned on.
raptornx01 2013年10月15日 8時18分 
you can also hit N on the keyboard to toggle noclip on and off.
Pte Jack 2013年10月15日 8時52分 
N, I knew there was a shortcut key, I just could not remember what it was
RenFemShep 2013年10月19日 16時17分 
Got it to work with a combination of the above. Thanks so much!
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