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Sir Doctor Professor ಠ_ృ 2013年10月14日上午4:39
Closes on Map Load-Up After any New Game is Added to gameinfo.txt
Whenever I try to load a map in SFM, after I have installed a game, the program closes. It does not say not-responding or any other indication of a crash. I meet SFM system requirements. I would appreciate anyone who could tell me why this is occurring. Thanks!
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Sir Doctor Professor ಠ_ృ 2013年10月14日上午4:46 
Note: It closes regardless of what map I load. For example, I could load an included tf2 map before installation of the new game and it would load fine, but after the new game is installed to SFM, the same map will close out the program.
Sir Doctor Professor ಠ_ృ 2013年10月14日上午4:51 
I am sorry to keep posting but I just wanted to say I have verified cache.
raptornx01 2013年10月15日上午8:10 
can you post the gameinfo? I think the order you put it in matters, I think you have to put it in right above hl2
Sir Doctor Professor ಠ_ృ 2013年10月15日下午5:32 
Ok, I will try that.
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