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nognade 2013年10月13日 17時51分
Control the level of motion blur?
It appears that you can only turn the motion blur on or off when you go to export. Does anyone know a way to control the level of motion blur? I know motion blur makes it look more natural, but I feel like my scenes are a bit too heavily blurred and would like to lessen the effect if possible.
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Pte Joe 2013年10月13日 18時03分 
There is a switch called MotionBlurQuality. It's in the element viewer of a camera with an animation set. That and Depth of Field Quality.

Create an animation set for your camera then open that in the element viewer.
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R234 2013年10月13日 18時45分 
The amount of motion blur is controlled by the camera's shutter speed. The quality is controlled by the amount of motion blur samples you select in render settings.
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