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Source Filmmaker

Well, this is done (short film)

it kind of sucks.. lol. but it was fun to make! and most importantly, i learned a lot.

Trying to decide if i should attempt to whip something up quick for the Saxxy's now that i'm free'd up.
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I already liked this man! It was awesome camera work.
psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 13.25 
Pte Joe 12.10.2013 kello 13.32 
Psi, not sure if it's my video drivers, but when I try to watch this in 720p on YouTube, it's all pixulated. Like I say, I don't know if it is my end or not.

(Pte Jack)
psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 13.35 
no, it's not just you. actually im asking the knowledgable people of facepunch about that right now... not sure what the deal is. I followed MaxofS2D's exporting/compiling method to a T. The actual video files on my computer don't look like that at all... only on youtube for some reason.

Though when i switch it to 720 it gets a little better... for me it's mostly the lower resolutions where it looks terrible.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on psi onix; 12.10.2013 kello 13.40
Pte Jack 12.10.2013 kello 13.40 
what format did you upload in? Might private the first and try a reup to see if it was a YouTube glitch
psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 13.49 
the finalized format once encoded ended up being something called "Matroska" with MPEG4 AVC / H.264 codec. Though on my PC it says it's a .mkv file.

TBH i don't even really know what any of that is, i was just following his tutorial for how to properly compress the .AVI file before uploading.

EDIT: btw this is the guide i'm talking about that i followed:
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thats a great movie you really did well
psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 14.02 
Thanks, doctor_Jack!

PTe Jack... one question... are you trying to watch it on youtube through Steam's browser? I often have a lot of trouble with their browser.

Can you try it in internet explorer or something else and tell me if it's still just as pixelated in 720?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on psi onix; 12.10.2013 kello 14.03
Pte Joe 12.10.2013 kello 14.03 
Not sure if youtube supports HD conversion from mkv format. Is why I stick to mp4 and go.
Pte Joe 12.10.2013 kello 14.08 
Strike last... yup, I was... Went to youtube through IE and I had to refresh the HD a couple of times, but it seems to have worked...

Great job.
If you say it sucks then it sucks.
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psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 15.42 
well im just disappointed with how the project ended. It's not fully what i envisioned.

SFM started acting really crazy on me... new particles i'd create would be disappeared whenever i re-load my save file, and SFM even stopped saving my work all together at one point which was really bizzarre. Somehow two days in a row i magically lost hours of work i'd done, even though i was saving properly the whole time. Then i had wanted to edit the map in Hammer, but apparently this map is locked by Valve from being decompiled so i couldn't.

Just had a lot of problems with this project. I guess i'm lucky to have anything to show for it at all.
raptornx01 12.10.2013 kello 18.06 

****ing loved it.

The communications thing on Optimus' arm was an awesome touch. how did you do it?
psi onix 12.10.2013 kello 18.09 
When Kup says to finish him off? Bunch of different Light Gobo textures animated together.
raptornx01 12.10.2013 kello 18.25 
Really? so like one for each frame? nice.
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