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mlisty2 2013年10月12日 9時37分
Can I increase the quality of the rt camera?
The resolution looks lower than the current camera.
Is this something that I have to deal with or is there a way to improve it?
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Pte Jack 2013年10月12日 9時47分 
Sorry mlisty, I can't help on this one... I still need to learn how to do it. Maybe R234 knows more on this.
mlisty2 2013年10月12日 10時13分 
I know what you mean, my first came out really blurry like the arperture was turned up. Something caused the light to appear multiple times per frame. Recreating it with a new light fixed the problem.
R234 2013年10月12日 16時32分 
Hm... I heard there indeed is a way to increase the resolution of RT cameras. I'll see if I can find how...


No good... All I can find is this:
In post #16, Pw0nageXD says he's figured it out, but he doesn't explain it.

Oddly enough, PalmliX's answer in the next post kinda sounds like he knows???
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Psi 2013年10月12日 18時12分 
This looks interesting. Never knew about this feature.
raptornx01 2013年10月12日 18時21分 
I've tried messing with those before, but couldn't get any more higher rez images from them. not even AO works through them from what i've seen. and they can be complicated to work with at times when trying to get some depth to them. but still have their uses
mlisty2 2013年10月12日 18時51分 
Post #18 provided a link to
Command-line startup options
I tried -monitortexturesize 1024 and it improved.
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R234 2013年10月12日 19時14分 
mlisty2 の投稿を引用:
Post #18 provided a link to
Command-line startup options
I tried -monitortexturesize 1024 and it improved.
Oooh that has to be it! Nice catch mlisty2.
mlisty2 2013年10月12日 20時56分 
Now I can get back to my Stanley animation. Thanks everyone.
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