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Renoracer 2013年11月2日 1時51分
How do I add Pictures into SFM? (SFM PROS PLEASE HELP!!)
When you see other Saxxy entries some have like 'meet the ______' and of course that is a picture. But the Saxxy rules say that your final movie must be rendered and edited in SFM but I don't see a way to add an image. Please help as I'm trying to make my Saxxy entry!!
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raptornx01 2013年11月2日 2時58分 
The rules say you can use outside programs for editing.

the only real way to get an image in sfm is either make, or use a flat model of somekind, and reskin it with the image you want. then just spawn said model and use your camera.
The Resonte! 2013年11月2日 3時43分 
Or an overlay in the Effect Tab.
Renoracer 2013年11月2日 4時03分 
Raptorn how would you add your movie back into SFM?
The Resonte! 2013年11月2日 4時31分 
renoracer の投稿を引用:
Raptorn how would you add your movie back into SFM?
you don't need to
when you publish a movie, it asks you to select a file

just select your editted one
Renoracer 2013年11月2日 5時12分 
Oh, well thats simple lol. And thanks :).
Puzzler 2013年11月2日 7時04分 
Well, there is way to fo it through Particle Editor, but you need a .vmt file of image you want to add.
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