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"Bad Cyb0rg!" 2013年10月30日 17時49分
I've been thinking about getting different models/maps, and I'm curious as to whether the site is safe, since I've been hearing some bad things about gamebanana.
最近の変更は"Bad Cyb0rg!"が行いました; 2013年10月30日 17時49分
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raptornx01 2013年10月30日 18時38分 
Been using sfmbox since I heard about it. never had any major issues. sometimes, the descriptions could be a bit more detailed but thats about it.
"Bad Cyb0rg!" 2013年10月30日 18時56分 
Good to hear!
Androyd 2013年10月30日 19時53分 
It is, but it needs to be updated more frequently.
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