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Quicksilver 2013年10月29日 18時22分
E-Series APU
Hi, can you make a good looking SFM movie with an E2 APU? AMD Quad Core CPU + AMD Radeon HD 6230?
The System Requirements Look okay, but I don't want it to look like 480p at 1080p.
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Gnome Compsci 2013年10月30日 0時19分 
Your computer's strength has no influence whatsoever on the resolution or looks of your exports, just on the speed it might render, and the usability and snappy-ness of the program.

AMD Quad Core is a bit too vague to tell you how well it will perform, you'll have to give the model name.
Your graphics card seems pretty low-end, but I'm not sure how much SFM depends on the GPU.

Realise that SFM is _very_ demanding software and that only very few people (with very recent PC's) are able to run it without a hitch. Don't let this keep you from making videos though, there are plenty of options make SFM work smoother (albeit with some trade-offs), even on less strong/new PC's.
The Resonte! 2013年10月30日 4時43分 
exactly how demanding is sfm
Quicksilver 2013年11月3日 13時15分 
I Guess the CPU would be an Athlon X4.
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