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[TMC]Jay 2013年12月6日 11時05分
How do i load maps now?
Since the maps have gone .nav how do i open them?
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Pte Jack 2013年12月6日 11時56分 
Maps have not gone .nav, those are in game NPC navigation files. The Maps are now located in the Common/{game}/{gamefolder}/Maps folders So for TF2, the map BSP files are in the Common/Team Fortress2/tf/maps folder. You copy those to SFM.
[TMC]Jay 2013年12月7日 9時09分 
thanks alot!
SevenHand 2013年12月7日 12時00分 
New here. Just installed SFM today and watched a few of the tutorials. I also am having problems opening a map. I havnt copied anything over to SFM but the list of maps is there in SFM. 1st attempt crashed SFM, 2nd attempt froze SFM, and 3rd attempt seemed to load the map but all I had was a black screen.

I dont remember anything saying files TF2 files had to copied over. Am I missing somthing?

SevenHand 2013年12月8日 18時39分 
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