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L'il Engi 4/dez/2013 às 10:58
SFM: An empty class menu
Ok so I am working with a pic in SFM and I upload some robots from TF2 and stuff..and I want a human too. Engineer. I need him in it. So I go to class_menu but nothing is in there. Just a big red ?. Why? Am I searching in the wrong folder? because I see no other places they could be. Please help me
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Pte Jack 5/dez/2013 às 16:22 
If you want the TF2 engineer, select all mods, then in the filter at the bottom of the model browser type hwm\engineer. That should bring him up for you. (If you want the player model replace "hwm" with "player")
L'il Engi 5/dez/2013 às 16:52 
thanks ^w^ i actually figured it out. i was actually on frong folder xD but now I more problems like: how to move the model's jaws that don't have the jab bone o,o like engineer and soldier bot
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