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Numbskill 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 12:02
Lighting Problem?
When I load most of the TF2 maps, their lighting is just plain messed up. In ctf_2fort, all the light reflections in the intel rooms are super bright. Is there any way to fix this? If there is, then I might have forgotten.
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imagitronics 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 1:23 
Do you have an animation set created for your camera? Maybe you have the bloom scale or tone map scale set too high?
Numbskill 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 1:37 
oh. ok.
Pte Jack 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 2:25 
Some maps actually have to have the cubemaps rebuilt. There is a console command "buildcubemaps" I believe it is. I use this on maps where I get a big white glow off objects like the sniper's sunglasses.
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