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Mypowerbob 2013年11月29日 9時57分
Particle window crash
Whenever i open the particle window ( the one that says "Choose particle definition file") It goes blank and sfm crashes, please help!
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Mypowerbob 2013年11月29日 11時09分 
ok, i may have figured it out, but i would stil like to know why it happens
Pte Jack 2013年11月30日 2時56分 
What did you do to fix it, it might help us give you an explanation.
Mypowerbob 2013年11月30日 4時07分 
i saved before i opened it, but it might just have been random
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MixedUp 2014年3月22日 10時12分 
I still have this problem and can't find the fix :( PS I know this thread is old and I have made a new one before anyone yells at me xP
7hrone (Amando Gasca) 2014年5月20日 13時35分 
I'm having this same issue I'd really like to know how to fix this
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