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Northstarp 2013年11月29日 9時51分
facial sliders not working
I was hoping I could get some help, I cannot pose the face on any of models, it worked before but has quit on me, I don' know if there is a default setting to set things back to when I first downloaded it
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imagitronics 2013年11月29日 11時12分 
I'd guess that either:

A) You are trying to move the sliders while in the clip editor. You must be in the motion editor or graph editor to use the sliders.

B) You are trying to animate a "player" model, like the ones used when recording game footage. Those models do not contain the required facial meshes/bones (not sure the technical term) for facial animation. Try importing a new animation set for the "hwm" version of your model. You should be able to easily copy/paste the current sample data from one model and paste it onto the new model (so as to not lose your current body animations), then remove the old model.
Northstarp 2013年11月30日 16時10分 
I double checked and everything is as itg should be, and still no good.
but thanks for the help :)
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