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Captain Useless 11/nov/2013 às 18:49
No option to add/remove contributers?
For some reason, even though I've followed their instructions on how to do it, the owner options aren't appearing. I have the ability to delete, edit the title and description, and to change the visibility, but no dice when it comes to contributers.

Anybody else having this problem?
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Jimo 11/nov/2013 às 19:35 
I don't see the option either.
R234 11/nov/2013 às 19:41 
What are you even talking about? A guide? A Workshop item? A video?
Jimo 11/nov/2013 às 19:41 
The Saxxy awards, apologies.
heinous 12/nov/2013 às 2:18 
so, i am also having this problem. no solutions yet?
Smitz Z... 12/nov/2013 às 5:40 
I know is really shet :C
heinous 12/nov/2013 às 20:55 
the option appeared!
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