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Climatic Drinking Game: a TF2 Short Film
So the Saxxy Awards accepts entries. I shamelessly present to you my entry.

This movie gave me a lot to work because of various factors: 1) college, self-explanatory; 2) a lot of changes in the storytelling section. Due to time constraints, this movie had to be cut as a short film (not surpassing the one minute mark) since I had no time to polish it's "aftermath"; besides, the story was going way overboard to be an acceptable entry for the Saxxy Awards.


-Fingerposing. Since I've published very few SFM videos, being most of them experimental ones, fingerposing was a major issue in this video, sometimes looking very stiff, other times looking static.

-Spine rotation. While it's not as problematic as fingerposing, a common mistake I do on certain videos is my obsession with exagerated body poses, inspired from pure slapstick animation, but, as you can see in some shots with the Spy, it can be underwhelming once you export the video.

-Collisions. A typical goof from most inexperient SFM users. Thankfully I tried my hardest to not make them look noticeable.

Despite all odds, it's a short film that I'm glad how it looks. There's a very small chance of winning, that's an obvious and humble fact, but skills can be improved with time, and with such passion that I have for animation, I'm definitely looking forward to see other people's entries and see how good this year's competition is.
En son Mel Gibsma tarafından düzenlendi; 11 Kas 2013 @ 17:22
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Oh boy this discussion is just gonna get filled with entries

Looks like a cartoon.
It's nice.

The only real issue is a story which is sort of jumbled but well
time constraints

but don't worry you have all week to refine your craft
En son The Resonte! tarafından düzenlendi; 12 Kas 2013 @ 12:16
Love the animation. Ain't nothing wrong with slapstick ;)
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