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Lord_Jazza 2013年11月8日 3時20分
Curious of Lip sync...
You all know how the SFM program has all these sounds/sayings that the character can lip sync to, would you have to manually lip sync to custom sounds?

I'm a little curious and I would like to hear from you if you know something about this.
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The Resonte! 2013年11月8日 3時32分 
I believe there is a way to lip-sync without actually making each letter.
Clicking on a voice clip and right-clicking on a "Face" tab of a model opens up a tab
one of those tabs is "Extract Phonemes"
Use that for a fast and easy way to lip sync.
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Lord_Jazza 2013年11月8日 13時18分 
Ok, Thanks!
R234 2013年11月8日 17時18分 
Auto lip sync also works with custom audio.
Lord_Jazza 2013年11月9日 19時53分 
Ok then, thank you!
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