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[TF2-R]TipsyChica 3.0 #VLADIMIR 7 nov 2013, ore 21:13
This dose work on a mac... (BUGGEY)
Well i ported SFM to a mac and it works just that sometimes is crashes but valve can fix it so maybe you guys can make a mac version on steam? Well i got this to work by porting pc steam to mac with wineskin then downloading SFM and it worked fine but sometimes crashed on me (RALRY) so i tried Source SDK but it ran and when i tried to use something it crashed my computer so SFM works but not Source SDK yet
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Pte Jack 7 nov 2013, ore 21:48 
Please explain how you got it to work, or did you follow the method in the other discussion?
ChessBoxer36 8 nov 2013, ore 3:09 
I tried the wineskin from the Porting team website and had issues with Steam not booting at all. Please explain how you were able to get SFM running. Thanks
[TF2-R]TipsyChica 3.0 #VLADIMIR 9 nov 2013, ore 15:06 
Well i got it running by downloading the pc steam and runing it with wineskin and logging in it then i went to tools and download SFM i tried Soure SDK but my computer crashed...
[TF2-R]TipsyChica 3.0 #VLADIMIR 9 nov 2013, ore 15:07 
and i used a macbook air 11inch laptop works fine but sometime crashes (RARLY)
[TF2-R]TipsyChica 3.0 #VLADIMIR 9 nov 2013, ore 15:07 
Messaggio originale di Pte Jack:
Read this:
i did this my self tho
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