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Importing Dark Souls models?
Hello there.

I'm new to this, and I was going to make an animation. I went and did research on how to port models from DOTA 2, and that all went over nicely. However, I couldn't find any guides or specific models for Dark Souls.

Does anybody know if importing Dark Souls models would be the same as importing DOTA models, or would it be an entirely different and more complicated process? (Note I don't need the Dark Souls animations as well, although it would be nice)
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R234 7. marras, 2013 22.02 
It would be much, much more difficult. DOTA2 runs on the same engine as Source Filmmaker (Source engine), so the models simply need to be extracted and put into SFM's folders. Dark Souls on the other hand runs on Sony's PhyreEngine, meaning the models would have to be extracted, imported into a 3D program, modified by someone who knows what they're doing to comply with Source's standards, recompiled to MDL, VTX and VVD files with an appropriately coded QC file, the textures converted to VTF and referred to by aptly coded VMTs... all in all, a huge pain for someone who doesn't know how to do that already.

It is possible though, and some models were already converted to OBJ on this forum:

I haven't found any that are already in Source format yet though...
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