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EmperorFaiz.mkv 2014年1月20日上午9:04
Corrupted dmx file
I want to re-render my dmx file as my pre-rendered video file is not good enough, it doesn't render at all and worst of them all I cannot play the clip of the project, cannot move the camera, cannot manipulate anything. Close and reopen SFM and the problems are still happening.
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Pte Jack 2014年1月20日上午9:37 
Multiclipped? Are you in the proper shot?
EmperorFaiz.mkv 2014年1月20日上午9:40 
Pte Jack 2014年1月20日上午9:47 
Are you outside the item's animation times?
EmperorFaiz.mkv 2014年1月20日下午5:08 
not really. When I load the file, the playhead is located far away from the clip for example it's located on 400 seconds when my clip is only about 80 seconds long.
Pte Jack 2014年1月20日下午6:28 
And you can't move it back into the 0-80 second mark? Sounds like a pooched dmx. Do you have a dropbox or somewhere to give one of us or someone you know access to it to see if it will load
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午2:04 
Dohhhhh !!!!.... The only clip that plays is shot 7?
I think I know why
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午2:07 
Hahaha, Look at your clip, you only have clip 7 framed. Expand the frame to include ALL your shots.
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午2:09 
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Splat!
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午2:18 
EmperorFaiz.mkv 2014年1月21日下午2:57 
I'm too lazy to expand the clip (cuz I only want to render that part as a poster). Did you try render it? Cuz that's my problem about that file.
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午3:33 
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午3:46 
Rendering fine for me
Pte Jack 2014年1月21日下午3:50 
Needs light!!!!

EmperorFaiz.mkv 2014年1月21日下午8:39 
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