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Ice Tune 2014년 1월 20일 오전 8시 15분
Can't figure out how to use auto lip sync for Nahka's pony overhaul: females in Source Filmaker! >=(
I have watched many tutorials but they just don't help. It also doesn't help that there aren't a lot of tutorials on youtube. Please help!
Ice Tune님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 1월 20일 오전 8시 23분
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raptornx01 2014년 1월 20일 오전 9시 34분 
assuming the sound file is the right format. add it to the clip.

right click the model and show in element viewer animationset

right click on presetgroups and select import element

find vn_phonemes and select that.

then go back to the animation set editor.

now click the clip you added the sound to. click the sound

now expand the model and rightclick on the "unknown" group.

select extract phonemes

a window will appear with a box with the name of the sound in it set off to the right.

clicki the sound name (it will center itself in the box)

then click extract.
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