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goomatt33 1月20日 7時55分
Downloded models not loading!
The other day, I downloaded 3 models to use in sfm (FemScout, FemPyro, and FemSniper). I placed them in the correct file (Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod\models), but when I try to place them on the map, there bones show up but there is no model to go whith them. I am fairly positive it has nothein to do with the models or my computer. Please help.
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goomatt33 1月20日 9時01分 
Thanks. that helped with loading the model, but now the texture dosent show up.
goomatt33 1月20日 9時36分 
Never mind, its just the FemScout's textures that dont show up
goomatt33 1月20日 9時56分 
Thanks for the help.
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