Raggedy_Man 20. Jan. um 7:32 Uhr
SFM movement troubles
When you import a new model and then click on it, say when u click arms, and there are a list of things u can choose under that...how do u import one of them into the scene?
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EmperorFaiz. mp3 20. Jan. um 7:44 Uhr 
So, what are you trying to say is some of the bones are not visible in the viewport?
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Raggedy_Man 20. Jan. um 7:51 Uhr 
Im saying that when I click the import animation model
say I imported a medic
I then put my mouse over the Animation Set Editor slot on the top left corner of my screen and click medic1 and then the (+) sign under arms so now there are lots of things to choose from
If I select one, how do I apply it into the scene
Pte Jack 20. Jan. um 8:02 Uhr 
Screen shot??
EmperorFaiz. mp3 20. Jan. um 8:02 Uhr 
If you select one, did you see a manipulator in the scene? If not, simply press W, E or R to shows translation, rotation or screen manipulator respectively. That way you can animate the bone you selected.
Raggedy_Man 20. Jan. um 8:16 Uhr 
Ok thx
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