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TDLB | AbiRed.Standin 1月20日 0時24分
A question on Lighting / Color / Color Correction
Is there a way to only make one color, lets say, Red? And everything else that's not red is black and white?
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imagitronics 1月20日 4時27分 
That would probably be easier to do in photoshop after the fact. Export your video to an image sequence, figure out the right settings (color replace, probably) then apply it to all the images in bulk.

I'm sure there are other ways to do it. That's the first thing that came to mind.
Pte Jack 1月20日 8時07分 
I'd like to know how you would do a black and white vid with colourize objects. (ie everything is B&W but face and hands and a lamp post or a grenade are slightly coloured)
raptornx01 1月20日 9時24分 
Chroma keyer. takes some experimenting to get it right though.
Pte Jack 1月20日 9時43分 
3rd party though, I want SFM to do it... wah!!!
raptornx01 1月20日 10時19分 
well, you could retexture everything but what you want colored. ;)
Pte Jack 1月20日 10時35分 
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