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Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時06分
I guess I know how to fix Particle model render
First of all, I want to say that I don't know was this problem solved before or not, if it was, then it must be useless. I asked SFM community about this few times, and no one answered. So, I've made a conclusion that no one still doesn't know how to fix that.

About the problem: while you select 'render model(s)' in Particle Editor Tool, and load your model, you could notice that it is looks "grayish":

How to fix that? Simply add Alpha random parameter to Initializers and set minimum alpha to zero (sometimes it works on 220 or 230).

Thank you for reading this, please, leave comments.
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Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時11分 
Thanks for that Puzzler, I haven't really diven into the particle editor... so I couldn't help you with your previous question on this.
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Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時13分 
No, it's OK. Now one unsolved problem in PartEditTool left - adding sequences.
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時14分 
But I think I did read somewhere that the particle editor will display it as gray, but when you spawn it in SFM it will be ok. By adding the alpha, your particle now looks transparent (unless that is what you were looking for.)
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時15分 
Adding sequences, as in adding different particles to become one particle??
最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2014年1月19日 8時15分
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時16分 
Well, at 0 it looks like zombie in SFM (or at least were before this update). But at 150 it seems good.
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時17分 
Pte Jack の投稿を引用:
Adding sequences, as in adding different particles to become one particle??
No, I mean, how to add sequence to model, because it always in ref pose (in this case - make the dove fly)
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時19分 
A model particle though??? like an animated particle model??

最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2014年1月19日 8時20分
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時20分 
Pte Jack の投稿を引用:
A model particle though???
I don't understand this. Please, rewrite the sentence (I'm quite bad in English)
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時21分 
I did, I edited my response
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 8時21分 
Yes, animated particle model. I tried it million times, because I saw a scale possibility in this (before adding scale function)
最近の変更はPuzzlerが行いました; 2014年1月19日 8時22分
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時28分 
hmmm. I tried making an animated particle to follow the movement of an actual model. (ie, I wanted to make glowing areas on a moving modle but didn't want to make 300 particles to attach to the model so they'd stay in fixed positions on the model. like this So I tried to make a particle shell for it but found that the when I created the model particle it could only be static, I couldn't animate it.
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 8時33分 
Man I wish you could launch the particle editor without launching SFM!!!
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 10時14分 
Well, now I think I know how to do that. The thing isn't in Particle Editor. The thing is PEtool uses deafult animation. And all models have ref animation by deafult, so changing deafult sequence should influence PET, so you'd be able to make animation sequence inside tool.
Pte Jack 2014年1月19日 10時19分 
You have to do a guide on that!!!
Puzzler 2014年1月19日 10時21分 
I thought about this, but then I decided not to do it, because it's too small for a guide and useless for almost every average SFM user.
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