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✪wicked <WEEABOO NERD> 2014年1月19日 7時13分
Disorted Parts of Items
Hey SFM Community! I'm here today to ask a second question. The question is how do I fix misc that look disorted on one part? For example click here[]. Do you see how he is pointing? Well look down a little bit and the see the disorted-ish sleeve does anyone think this looks weird? Does anyone know how to fix it or am I just getting the cray-sians? As always, Thanks in advance SFM community. I also sometimes thank people twice because I feel friendly. If you dont want a 2nd thanks then feel free to remove it.
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年1月19日 7時23分 
I got the same problem with alot of other miscs too. Sometimes you can make it look a bit better by translating the bones of the misc. You can drag the lowerarm/hand bone (whatever the bone with the sleeves is) and try to make it look good
Pte Jack AFK 2014年1月19日 7時48分 
One of the problems with hats and misc are that they are adaptations of "Player" model items. If you are using HWMs, some of the misc items just aren't going to fit.

Here is an example of what is different between the Hwm and Player model Scouts.

This was discovered when I tried to fit the Teufort Turtleneck to the HWM scout before posting it to the workshop..
EmperorFaiz.obj 2014年1月19日 22時24分 
I had this problem before. I'd usually do The Frozen Monkey King's method to overcome it. Thanks for the reminder, Jack.
Pte Jack AFK 2014年1月20日 2時46分 
And the FMK method is???
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年1月20日 9時07分 
Pte Jack の投稿を引用:
And the FMK method is???
First I want to say thanks for the MDL tip. Anyways, my method was to manually readjust the miscs, for example the new sniper jacket where the sleeves are quite out of position. I just translate the misc bone to make it look good and it works on sniper, but no so good at scout.
Pte Jack AFK 2014年1月20日 9時42分 
You have to remember that the misc and hats were for in game play, they weren't meant to be posed. So when the modeller threw it together, as long as it looked good in game that was fine. SFM is different, close ups and high res video show off the inconsistancies easily, so manual adjustments are very likely to be needed anyway (depending on how close you're going to get to the item.)
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