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SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午5:50
SFM's main window has been reduced to the size of a media player.
This is a shot taken from my PC when I hover over SFM with my mouse. Clicking on the left window does nothing. It doesn't bring it up. It's invisible. I know there's already a thread about this, but it got buried fast. I tried verifying the cache, but got nothing.
I doubt anyone has a solution, or if Valve scans these discussions, but if you do, any help is appreciated.
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Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:12 
This MAY NOT help but have you tried closing Steam and deleting the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\tenfoot\resource\images\library\ingamedialogconfig.vdf file then relaunch Steam and SFM?

There was another discussion on this same situation sometime around the August time frame I believe, I think there was an actual fix to it as well. I just haven't the time to find the thread right now.
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:19 
Here we go, it was in June... Try maximizing using the Task Manager... Here's the thread...
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:25 
I don't have ingamedialongconfig.vdf. I do have screenshots for the steam controller, though.
最后由 SamSpielberg 编辑于; 2014年1月16日下午6:25
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:26 
Actually, I don't have any .vdf files anywhere in library.
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:26 
Sorry, WRONG folder... hang on
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:29 
Doh, was working a different problem and my copy to clipboard didn't replace what was in there already...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\config


This file is in there. But if you go to the Windows task manager and find the SFM process, Right click on that and select maximize. That may get you going.
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:31 
DELETED. Loading....
And, already tried maximizing it. Only maximized the 'Chose Session' window.
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:33 
Crap. Nothing.
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:34 
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:35 
And grabbing edges and dragging them out to resize them does nothing, right
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:35 
HA! YES! Totally worked! Maximization for the win!
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:36 
Task manager Maximize, Right?
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:36 
SamSpielberg 2014年1月16日下午6:37 
Thanks a TON, sir! Truly appreciated!
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日下午6:37 
No prob
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