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EmperorFaiz.txt 2014年1月16日 5時15分
Still have no solution about invisible scaled model problem yet?
I've done many research but still no luck. Have you guys got any clue about the cause of the problem? Is there an easier to encounter it or something?
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年1月16日 6時57分 
I dont know anything about scaling, cuz I never scale, but if this is a bug, I think they will fix it soon
6000 ANGRY BEES 2014年1月16日 8時36分 
If you mean models vanishing from certain angles and distances when scaled, this is because scaling the rootTransform bone kind of messes up the model's "hitboxes".

Scaling the model's other root bone (typically the pelvis on characters) will typically avoid this problem, somehow.
Pte Jack 2014年1月16日 18時03分 
Don't quote me on this because I don't know if it is a true statement but,I "believe" that if you scale the pelivs (mainbone) rather than the root_transfer, it scales the complete model including hit boxes, but is only true dependent on how the hit boxes were compiled into the model at compile time. Most of the time when I compile a model for SFM, I remove all hitbox and joint/bone constraint references from the qc. They aren't required at the present time in SFM (so none of my models would be usable in a normal game.) If SFM get to the point of including physics, well then I'll have to reconsider these elements.
EmperorFaiz.txt 2014年1月17日 0時28分 
Ok i will give it a shot.
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年1月18日 14時46分 
EmperorFaiz の投稿を引用:
Ok i will give it a shot.
XD I just rememberedn where I have seen your picture before! You made the idle team entry for the saxxy awards. That was one of my favourites :3
EmperorFaiz.txt 2014年1月18日 21時17分 
cousinbenson 2014年1月20日 6時21分 
scaling the root transfer doesnt scale the hitbox, so when the camera gets close to the hitbox the engine removes the model from view. scaling the pelvis should also scale the hitbox
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