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ก้้ 2014年1月15日 4時58分
Set Material Overlay behind objects?
Does anyone know if it is possible to set a material overlay image, such as a Moon, behind models rendered in the scene instead of having it cover everything?
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R234 2014年1月15日 10時47分 
A material overlay, no. But there's other ways to do that. Usually the moon should be part of the 2D skybox ( , here's a link on how to change it in SFM: ), but this could also be used:
Also, you could film the characters on a green screen and use an extarnal editing program.
ก้้ 2014年1月15日 15時17分 
Alright, I will try what you said Thanks for the help!
6000 ANGRY BEES 2014年1月15日 22時31分 
If you're comfortable with SFM materials, here's a model that might be very useful: Flat Texture Panel
最近の変更は6000 ANGRY BEESが行いました; 2014年1月15日 22時31分
R234 2014年1月15日 22時44分 
Shoot, I need to hang around the OSFM discussions more often...
raptornx01 2014年1月16日 4時52分 
No kidding. I barely go to any of my groups because of how infrequent updates are. I only knew about that cause someone here linked it in another thread.
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