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[NMP]Destructor 2014年1月14日下午7:26
How do you make pitch black particles?
When you make the color of a particle black in the particle editing window it doesnt show up at all even when you change the background color. I just want to make a dark aura kind of particle without having to use dark purple.
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R234 2014年1月14日下午7:40 
Depends on the shader the particle's material uses. If you use spritecard or unlitgeneric, black particles are possible.
[NMP]Destructor 2014年1月14日下午8:01 
do you add the material in the particle editor or in the element viewer?
R234 2014年1月14日下午9:12 
Either works. Of course the particle system needs to be instanced to change its material in the Element Viewer.
[NMP]Destructor 2014年1月14日下午9:13 
Thanks! I appreciate the help!
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