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[NMP]Destructor 2014년 1월 14일 오후 7시 26분
How do you make pitch black particles?
When you make the color of a particle black in the particle editing window it doesnt show up at all even when you change the background color. I just want to make a dark aura kind of particle without having to use dark purple.
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R234 2014년 1월 14일 오후 7시 40분 
Depends on the shader the particle's material uses. If you use spritecard or unlitgeneric, black particles are possible.
[NMP]Destructor 2014년 1월 14일 오후 8시 01분 
do you add the material in the particle editor or in the element viewer?
R234 2014년 1월 14일 오후 9시 12분 
Either works. Of course the particle system needs to be instanced to change its material in the Element Viewer.
[NMP]Destructor 2014년 1월 14일 오후 9시 13분 
Thanks! I appreciate the help!
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