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TheUnknown 2014年1月6日下午1:13
SFM is slow.
My spec's
Windows 7 home premium
GT 520
AMD Phenom X2 550 8 GB Ram
I got into sfm and i was getting i think 30+ fps but now i am getting 8-10
edit: I had to turn off the render setting's and press f11 to go ingame but now i get 60 fps but its kinda laggy, I am going to leave this post up for anyone that's having fps issue's in SFM, But is there anyway to fix my lagg?
最后由 TheUnknown 编辑于; 2014年1月6日下午1:29
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nyan :3 2014年1月6日下午7:57 
Upgrade your processing driver software.
TheUnknown 2014年1月6日下午8:58 
引用自 BlendSaprial
Upgrade your processing driver software.
So, my processor is the only thing that is causing me to lag? ah okay. i thought so because it is a very outdated processor.
最后由 TheUnknown 编辑于; 2014年1月6日下午8:58
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