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Dark_Beauty 2014年1月1日 15時56分
Tadris materialize sequenz
i have a 3d modell from the Tardis( doctor who) but after many tries i have no idea how to make the materialize it in the animation.
the materilize is like go visibile then go invisible until the tardis ist arrived.
linke in this video

but how kann i make this in the animation?
or is there a option to turn the modell temporär off or invisible?
has someony a idea?
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Malcis 2014年1月1日 16時45分 
In SFM, that might be difficult. But you could do it in post, just render the scene twice, once with the Tardis, and once without, then edit it to the right timing.
Dark_Beauty 2014年1月1日 18時12分 
mmh is there no option to set the modell off that no modell is to see and mark in the timeline.

it is by my animation in the background an not in the front
raptornx01 2014年1月1日 19時50分 
The only way i know to make something invibile is to use override material, but that can't be animated.

I haven't tried it yet, but you might be able to use the cloaking script to animate it fading in and out.
Pte Jack 2014年1月1日 20時48分 
Or maybe by adding an alpha material overlay...
raptornx01 2014年1月1日 20時55分 
you mean a float $alpha in the override materials? You can't animate those.
R234 2014年1月1日 21時00分 
You can actually, just create an animation set for the material once the attribute has been added. But it causes sorting artifacts, so editing it in post is really the way to go:
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raptornx01 2014年1月1日 21時02分 
.... I did not know this....

EDIT:....i wouldn't recommend changing the range of the slider.
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Pte Jack 2014年1月1日 21時57分 
Maybe something like this???
R234 2014年1月1日 22時05分 
PF2 raptornx01 の投稿を引用:
.... I did not know this....

EDIT:....i wouldn't recommend changing the range of the slider.
Whoa XD
Pte Jack 2014年1月1日 22時07分 
As soon as I figure out how I did this, I'll post something somewhere...
Dark_Beauty 2014年1月2日 5時31分 
mmh i had already tested the alpha and like as already said it is not going to animate.

it would be enough to turn off the model that would be animated.
it would be enough to turn off and use severall modells.

like that
Modell 1 --> turn off-> 2seconds wait --> modell 2-->torn off.......
it is more complex but it would be enough
raptornx01 2014年1月2日 15時48分 
test the alpha again, then right-click on it and create animationset.
Pte Jack 2014年1月2日 16時35分 
This is what I did,

right clicked the tardis and selected Add Overide Materials

right click the Tardis and click show in element viewer - Model

Now, Into the element viewer

Click the + beside Materials to expand all the materials.

For each material right click on it and select add attribute

Select float

rename it from newAttribute to $alpha (looking at the viewport the material for the new attribute will disappear because the float value defaults to 0. The reason I chose float is because I need to be able to access decimal values between 0 and 1 (ie .10, .25, .80 etc))

Expand the material by clicking the + beside the material

Beside the $alpha attribute, change 0 to 1 (the material will reappear)

Do this for each material found.

Now to ensure that all the materials will go alpha, set the alpha value to 0 on each material. If you have a part of the model stay visible, you may have to find out what that material is and create it, then add the $alpha attribute to it.

Turn the alphas back to 1 when you're done.

Now, shrink the materials by clicking the - sign beside the material name.

Right click on each material and select Create an animationset for element.

you'll have a window popup for the the alpha channel. If you want the material to completely disappear, set the min value to 0.00 , if you want the item to become fully visible from being invisible, set the max value to 1.00 then click ok.

Do this for each material you want to control.

This will create a new model name for each material in the animation set editor (should be the same name as the materials in the element viewer with a digit on the end)

If you select these models you'll find a slider to control the alpha effect. Move it to the left to make a material disappear, to the right to make it reappear. Because you used a float, the value will decrease by decimals making it become translucient as to approach 0. If you had of used an integer, the value would have only been 1 or 0, meaning visible or invisible only.

Hint: Remember the default value of the alpha is 0, so if you select all the materials you've assign the alpha slider to, you can make all the materials disappear at the same rate by using the default slider.

The Tardis I used for my demonstration had 3 materials One for the body, one for the windows and police box lettering and one for the doors. Once I had the sliders for the alpha channels for these materials I could animate the TARDIS disappearing using the motion editor.
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yvaNNe 2014年1月2日 17時23分 
Do you happen to know where you got the model from?
I happen to be working on my own doctor who animation but have yet to find a reliable police box model, and that looks sufficient. Sorry for my laziness, lol.
raptornx01 2014年1月2日 17時54分 
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