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jawhny knoppersen 2014年1月1日下午2:41
SFM Viewport Broken
Hello. I'm using an intel core i5 4570 and a radeon 7870 ghz with the latest stable drivers. Whenever I move or rotate my camera in SFM, my viewport rapidly flickers and zooms in and out. Video here:

Any suggestions?
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Puzzler 2014年1月4日上午12:15 
Well, I've done a lot of research but I have no idea about fixing this. Sorry.
jawhny knoppersen 2014年1月4日上午10:11 
Turns out radeon pro was at fault
Puzzler 2014年1月5日上午1:44 
But what is the reason? I mean, what's wrong with radeon pro?
jawhny knoppersen 2014年1月5日上午11:18 
It aparently applies a broken form of Catalyst AI that messes with specific programs.
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